It is possible

The series of events that have unfolded in our life in the past 6 months have really tested our ability to change plans at any possible second and have no choice but to deal with it. But you know what?

We asked for it, We asked for that.

Flash back to 2006: This is the amazing time in my life that I met my husband, he is my rock, my best friend, the only person that doesn’t judge me (ever) and accepts me always, and vice versa (which in this day and age I’m not so sure that is always what a marriage is, but I do wish that it was for everyone!)  We do everything together, if I could be glued to him, I would be, and no its not obsession, I just LOVE him that much.  Anyways, the first week we were dating, we said to each other “I want to move to Maine.”  Over the next 5 years it was a lot of, “Save that, we might need it when we move to Maine”, “I can not wait till we move to Maine”, literally tears sometimes as I muttered “I am just so ready to move to Maine.” There really is no BIG reason why we wanted to move to Maine, we never had jobs lined up, we don’t know anyone, we didn’t know the area’s…we just got it in our head that this is what we wanted to do and we set out to do it.

Flash back to 2011:  I was a Manager of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Boston, MA.  Got paid the same money every week, knew how we were going to pay our bills and what food I was going to make for dinner.  Same schedule every day (except for when someone called out of their shift, which of course was the late shift and I had no choice but to roll out of bed and go in).  My husband stayed home with the kids, so we didn’t pay for child care but the main reason was so we knew what they were doing, learning, interacting with, and picking up on.  But even with the security of our situation, we weren’t doing anything that we wanted to be doing in life.  In December 2011 we started house hunting in MAINE! We didn’t narrow it down to an area, we just looked. We found our house and closed within the month.  It sits on a few acres, and so far this is the best learning experience we could have asked for.  We know we want to stay in the area, we have the ocean a few miles away and the lake a mile away. At some point we will want more land, but for now, we learn.

Flash to Past 6 Months:  We had been moving every week on my day off for months. It got to the point that we just needed to MOVE, so about mid June we did the last plung.  And that was it, we were finally all together.  I had set up an interview for someone to get me set up to start digging clams,  I was doing it for a few weeks, I LOVED it, good money, brought the kids and they played on the beach all day, and some good eatin’.  Then I started working at a farm, LOVED that too, learned a lot and the owners were nice enough to always give free produce, YUM! But that soon ended, when season was over.  This past week, I made wreaths, LOVED.  At the end of the week, they were done with their orders, so sadly that was the end of that.  So change of plans.  That time is over.  But I look forward to the next thing, just as much as the last, and in due time it will all pan out.

Now:  I stretch every meal possible and make most EVERYTHING from scratch, not only because we don’t know when the next money train will be in, but because it’s the way we want to live.  Why not make the most with what you have.  I make all our animals food, and it makes me feel good that we know what is in it, just like ours.  We keep almost everything, but we don’t just keep it for clutter, we intend to use these items for things we need, what better way to make less trash and recycle your goods.=)  So starting this blog, is not just a blog to me, it’s my journey, our journey, to use all the little things to get to the bigger picture.

I have no doubts that we will.

So join us for ideas, recipes, laughs, inspiration, the whole hearted attempt to homeschool our kids, frustration vents, crazy moments, and everything in between…Join me, for our journey.

Please don’t ever give up on your dreams, and what you really want in life. It’s your life, you only have one, make the most of it, for YOU, not for someone else.