And that is what I get for procrastinating…!

There are certain things that I just don’t know about, like at ALL, most of them have to do with vehicles and since my amazing hubby was head tow truck driver and transporter for many years, he patiently teaches me.

But considering the fact that he told me at least 40 times that we needed to get our tractor all squared away for winter, starting, I don’t know…LAST MONTH and I didn’t do it till, UM, yesterday, then ran into problems…yeah I guess its my own fault, I just kept putting it off, not because I don’t like learning new things, but because its learning something new that I have no clue where to start, it makes me nervous, so then I just don’t do it, because then I don’t have to go through those emotions. I don’t even know if that makes any sense?! Regardless, I tackled it, ran into problems, that caused my tired self to literally have a melt down like I was the four-year old in the house, crying for NO apparent reason other than I was just frustrated, with myself.

Frustrated that I had put it off, and now time is NOT on my side, especially because we are more likely than not to get hit with a storm.  Frustrated that it seemed SO frigging easy and I couldn’t seem to figure it out.  Frustrated that I frustrated my amazing patient husband.  Frustrated that I was frustrated! oh me oh my.

So the hubby says “tell me, what seems to be the problem?”  For whatever reason I felt compelled to “yell” the problem to him, not at him, but to him…and he just stood there for a second, walked away, then I saw him go out the side door, start the tractor, whistle for me, I walked outside, he asked “are the blades spinning?”  I said “yes” and he said “all fixed, you were right, it was simple!”  I looked at him with an F you, but I love you, thank god you fixed it look=)

And there we go, that was that.  I learned a lot, and he probably knew the whole time what was wrong but was seeing if I could manage to figure it out myself, sometimes I do, this time I didn’t. Where in the world would I be without him?  With a broken down tractor for one, and in an insane asylum for sure.

I love always having him to depend on, and he ALWAYS comes through when I need him. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter/fan, and the love of my life, who teaches me things every day, and I am so grateful for that.


I hope everyone had a great holiday…and make sure you are always there for the ones that need you, for you never know when you might need them=)