Goals for 2013

First and foremost I would like to apologize to anyone who came looking for a weekly menu this week, I didn’t post one, because, well this week has been crazy and my husband isn’t feeling so well, so anything made has been “what do you feel like eating right now?” kind of days=).   I would assume we all have those weeks…   But I will tell you what I did manage to get made on my day of marathon cooking before I realized my hubby was Sick=(.

Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Mac N Cheese, Beef Stew & Peanut Butter Pancakes=)

On another note I SERIOUSLY did not realize it was New Years Eve today until I got an email from my lovely grandmother (whom uses a computer rather nicely I might add=) saying HAPPY NEW YEARS.  I paused and thought “Um okay that is like three days from now…” Then I looked down in the right corner of my computer where is says the time and date…and for some reason it told me that today was the 31st. HM.  I went to my hubbs and said “did you know today was new years eve?”  He said “Uh YEAH!”  ohhhh….So now that I have secured that it really is New Years Eve… I need to write my goals for the year.  I don’t do a resolution because, well, when I was younger and I did do a resolution, it was ALWAYS to just lose weight, get healthy, do sit-ups and attempt to work out…I never stuck with it, but last year I wrote basic goals and have accomplished many of them….so hopefully this year will be the same=) Wish me luck as I do with yours=)

1.)  Take every moment as it is, cherish it, don’t rush to get up to flip the laundry or do something that is of irrelevance, for the laundry and such will be there, but that moment will no longer be THAT moment.

2.) Listen to my kids.  As they are getting a little older, they are needing more time, more understanding from me, and I want to give them that.

3.) Listen to my husband. We have learned a lot from each other in the years we have been together, we spent a good portion of this year apart because of moving and work, and I want to listen and fulfill his needs, big and little if I can.  I think I am making it sound like I don’t listen to anyone(and in my stubborn moments I don’t!), but that isn’t what I am saying, by listen I mean not only by what they speak but what they tell me in other ways as well, reallllly listen!

4.) Be a good Pet mom.  We have a dog, 3 cats, a savanna monitor and a fish…that is a light load compared to last year, we have had a lot of losses in the past year and we miss them all.  But with everything going on this past year I feel like I sometimes have shunned my pet kids and I don’t want to do that because, well, I love them. So I would like to give them more attention, more walks, more talks, more pats, more love this year. They need it too.  And some people say that having pets can be a stress reliever, I’m sure that is, if you have the right pet for you!

5.) Do more activities, as a family, with the kids, more crafts, more engaging minds moments.

6.) Start actively homeschooling, although we know we are not going to be by the grind, by the book “homeschooler”, I think some type of semblance of order would be good=)

7.) Take care of myself, in the years past I feel very guilty about taking even a moment for myself…let me just say that this is completely internal guilt, this is not something that my family guilt’s me over, it’s just something that I feel, because I feel like I am taking something from them, when in reality, sometimes the little things make one happier, and in the end a better more patient person.

8.) And that reminds me, I want to be more patient.  With everything, including myself.

9.) Grow my hair long, may seem weird, but its a goal, I go back and forth on my hair and this time its grow it long! =)

10.) Save money for an emergency fund.

11.) Be stable in job/income.

12.) Build a chicken coop and start housing chickens.

13.) Build a rabbit hutch and start housing rabbits.

14.) Kill what we eat and don’t waste it. Use every part possible. To some this may seem cruel, to us it seems the most un-cruel because we know that they lived well and died fast and as humanly as possible.

15.) Eat even less processed food and make more homemade as possible. I did well with this in 2012 and could only imagine it would get better=)

16.) Build an ice skating rink next winter for the boys, and us too!

17.) Don’t procrastinate.  If something important needs to be done, conquer it, for then the last second wont come and you wont be kicking yourself like did here!

1)  Live without electricity for a week.  No lights, no washer, no dryer, no tv, no Wii, no computer, just living…We would first like to test this on a “nice” weather week.  Then from there, up to it a week with no electricity or gas, so we would have to cook outside, in a pit fire, or solar oven(that I am going to make=) and then try a week in the winter, although we already go without power in the winter because of storms, it is good to test, to make sure you know what you REALLY need in those situations.  What better way to find out but to do it!

20.) Have a full 6 Month food supply stored up.  We are on our way with this one, but would like to be more well rounded and organized with the whole process.

21.)  Have an actual garden with many different varietys of veggies & fruit.  Yum fresh garden produce!

22.) Compost.

23.) Make 2 Rain barrels.

24.) Drink at least one full glass of water every day.  This sounds so rediculous.  BUT my one addiction in life is coffee, so I wind up just refilling my cup a few times, then comes dinner and I realize I havent hydrated myself at ALL. So one glass is a step in the right direction.

I am sure there are many other little and maybe some big that I havent put down yet, when I think of them I will add to the list…I am tired and we had a long day of snow removal, so some time with the hubbs and then hitting the sack!

HAPPY NEW YEARS to you all,  I hope all your goals come true in 2013!
What are some of your goals?   Please feel free to share so we can all be inspired!