Foods that regrow from kitchen scraps…

I have tried some of these, have been successful with some, and others not so much…thats probably only because I do not have the greenest thumb and I wind up forgetting about it till its dead in the pot…so I am thinking if you don’t forget and give them some nice TLC, they will definately thrive for you…

So here is the list…and how amazing, some of these you may NEVER have to buy again, hows that for using everything you buy=)

1. Scallions or Green Onions.  This is my most succesful, put them in a glass/vase ( i have mine in a left over big glass pickle jar ) and fill with water till the roots are submerged.  Rinse off roots and change water once a week.  Cut off tops as you need them.  Some may dry out and wither, just cut them off to freshen up the plant.  We have a never-ending cycle of green onions=)

2.  Leeks.  This is my second most succesful, and I had never even eaten a leek before, now I have a never-ending cycle of these as well.  I keep them the same as the scallions. Put in water and cut off tops as needed, change water and wash roots once a week.

3.  Celery.  If you buy the whole celery at the store, cut off the bottom and put in water to fill half way up the sides.  When growth starts, should be about 4-5 days.  Replant in potting soil.  I keep this in my kitchen window.  If you water as needed, it should thrive=)

4. Spring Onions & Fennel–  These are kept the same as the leeks and scallions!

5. Lemon grass–  I actually havent tried this one yet, but it is on my list. You cut off the roots and put them in water and put in a sunny spot.  In about a week, new growth will start to grow.  Transplant it into some soil and leave it in a sunny spot.  You can harvest your lemongrass when the stalks reach about a foot tall, then you can just cut off what you need and let it keep growing=)

6. Bok Choy, Romaine Lettuce & Cabbage–  All these are the same as celery.  Cut off the tops and put bottom in water filled half way up.  When new leaves start to appear, plant into a pot with soil, or straight outside, if your climate permits=)

7. Ginger–  SO easy, just replant a part of the root fully in soil.  It will grow up new shoots and grow down new roots, when established pull up whole plant, cut off a piece of the root and start over…a never ending cycle of fresh ginger! yum.

8. Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes–  They both will start to sprout, sometimes even in your fridge drawer…you can cut that piece off and submerge 1/4 of it in water, the sprouts will grow toward the light.  When new growth appears, you can plant directly in soil, and the plants grows taller, add more soil.  Eventually the plant will get all brown and wilty.  That is when it is time to harvest! You can continue to repeat the process.

9. Garlic– you can regrow a whole bulb plant from just 1 clove. Plant it root side down in soil, when shoots appear, you can cut them off and either use them just like green onions or toss them ( I would at least compost them)  Then the plant would concentrate all of its energy into making a nice big garlic bulb.  Repeat process with another garlic clove!

10.  Onions- White, Red, Pearl, ect… cut off the bottom of the onion, I leave it sit out for a day to callous up, then plant it in top soil and it will grow you a whole new onion!


I am sure that there are more foods out there than can replanted, and as I learn more and more I will keep you posted.  But you gotta start somewhere=)  It will save you money, AND is healthier and a lot more rewarding to eat something that came from your home garden!