Save A Pet Saturday!

If you are looking to add to your family in the wonderful form of a companion animal, please take the time to see all the animals up for adoption in your area, they all are in shelters or fosters which are temporary positions, they need your love, your direction, your lap, your warmth!

This link  lists all the shelters by Maine County, and you could always check out

The following pictures are all of animals found on located in Maine, the total number of pets adoptable at the time of posting was 372,901….lets let that soak in for a second…HOLY MOLEY, that is ALOT!

I love the Big & Little 😉

Cute little Holland Lop

Aw, a Baby!

Ferrets have SO much personality!

Or just a cuddly cute little kitten!


The animals that are available are almost endless, and I am SURE if you are looking you can find the one that fits right into your life!  Please remember to spay and neuter, I dont think we want to add to that 372,901 number just in Maine itself!

Good luck in your search if you are looking, and if not remember the shelters if you do choose to or you surely could refer anyone who is looking to adopt!