Happy New Year!

Its crazy to me to think that its another year ALREADY!  Guess that is what happens when you get older and are so busy…

In all the craziness of life, never forget to cherish those moments with the ones you love (as I turn to yell at my 4-year-old to not ride on the dog…oh my, thank goodness she is a Pit-Bull, she just goes along with everything! lol) But really give an extra kiss, hug, “I love you”, “Thank you” and a SIMPLE “I appreciate you and what you do”  I don’t think people realize day to day how much these things add up and make up a big part of who we are and how we feel.

I think I said last year that I do not really do a New Years Resolution, I do set goals but not a single resolution, I never do it that way…so this year my family and I have alot of goals, we have come together even closer in this hard past year and have really set our minds to what we need, inside and out…that is the main goal…to be healthy Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally, to be in a positive mindset more than a negative and to take things as they come and conquer the problems head on with confidence that we can get through these things as a family, like we have in the past.  While it may not be easy, to us it is worth it.  And I hope whatever you set your mind too, is something very worthwhile to you as well.

I wish everyone a happy new year and the best to come…;)